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Hi! I’m Janelle. I am a Licensed Esthetician in Holland, Michigan with a background and license in massage therapy. I am married to my best friend, Derick and we are blessed to raise 3 wonderful girls together. I love being a mom and balancing life with setting goals and growing in my career. 

I started out as a full time massage therapist. A couple of years into working for a spa, I got married and started having babies. I tried out different schedules. I tried staying home with my babies for a year, I tried being part time and I even tried full time. After a few years of learning that I did in fact want to be a working mom rather than a stay at home mom, I learned I wanted to expand my focus and became an esthetician. I continued working for the spa while learning and growing my focus. 

There was a point when something clicked. I knew I was finally on the path that I was supposed to be on. Esthetics was my passion, more specifically eyebrow work and body waxing is what made my heart throb. My focused skillset didn’t work at the larger spa chain so after 10 years of conforming, I decided to move on and expand my dream.

I called a friend and local business owner in Grand Rapids and she asked me to join her team. It was a holistic health center that offered skin care. Brow work and body waxing didn’t exactly fit in that stigma but it was a community of growing health in the mind, body and soul so we made it work. @GRbrowbabe started. My new boss inspired me to grow rather than to hold me back. She encouraged me to keep dreaming and expanding. 

Through the encouragement, I expanded my business into a second location into Holland. This business sits a little closer to my home and for now is the perfect little space for me to continue my story. My friends story changed a bit too and led her to selling the grand rapids location so now I am solely in Holland. I am continuing to set goals that could lead me back to Grand Rapids and/or even bigger endeavors but in this moment, my family and I have found peace in Gods plans.

“Janelle is passionate about her work, and it shows! I will never see anyone else for my brows”

Rachel D.

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